This is really tough to figure out.

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It's National French Fry Day, so I thought I would go through and try and figure out who has the best fries in the Gallatin Valley. By the way, I am eliminating fast food fries because that's a list all on its own. If you think I am wrong or I missed somewhere, please let me know. Here is my list:

  • 1

    Copper Whiskey

    I got to say, I am a huge fan of their fries. They're hand-cut, and I am a huge sucker for garlic fries all day. They compliment their burgers very well and they are never bad.

  • 2

    The U Burgers and Shakes

    Their fries are not only fantastic but they have an option for Wild Fries which are very similar to In N Out's Animal Style Fries and they are delicious. I highly recommend eating those with a fork or you will have a delicious mess on your hands.

  • 3

    Red Chair

    Their shoestring fries are phenomenal and during their happy hour they have these thousand island pastrami fries, which I can only describe as a heart attack on a plate, but you will want to eat them for every meal.

  • 4

    Bar IX

    They changed their fries recently and I think it's for the better. Their fries are perfect on their own and the sauces you can choose to dip them in are inventive and delicious.

  • 5

    Burger Bob's

    So many different choice from regular fries to waffle to sweet potato fries. They have fries for whatever you are in the mood for, and I usually go for the waffle fries because who doesn't enjoy waffle fries?

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