Get ready for a wild White Claw summer.

White Claw Hard Seltzer announced today, May 7th, that they will be unveiling two new flavors of their drinks this summer.

White Claw Flavor Collections
Christopher Lane/Getty Images for White Claw

White Claw will unleash White Claw 70, which has is 30 calories lower than usual White Claws, and will only have an ABV of 3.7% instead of the 5%.

The new flavors of the White Claw's will be Clementine and Pineapple. Perfect for the summer.

Bozeman and Montana loves their White Claws and there are facts to prove it. Back in 2018 Montana consumed the most White Claws per capita, three times as much as the second rated state.

Bozeman was noted as consuming more than FIVE times as much as any other city in Montana.

So when these new flavors get unleashed onto the public, you might want to stock up.

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