We have Lululemon on Main Street, Hobby Lobby coming in soon, an indoor sports complex that will be great for the winter and a trampoline park that will be fantastic for families.

What will be the next big business to come to Bozeman though? We have a few ideas of businesses that may work in Bozeman.

  • 1

    Big Al's

    This would be an excellent addition to Bozeman. There are several in the Northwest and it's pretty much a mix between a bowling alley and Dave and Buster's. Great bowling, very affordable and fun for everyone.

  • 2

    Chick Fil A

    There is already one in Kalispell that has been extremely popular and there have been talks about expansion. They do a lot of community projects and they have delicious food.

  • 3

    Men's Warehouse

    Or any business attire store. There is very little to choose from in Bozeman. This is a much-needed option in town so men in Bozeman can go in and get fitted for a suit or tuxedo instead of guessing online. Sorry Macy's and JCPenny but your selection isn't great.

  • 4

    AMC Theater/IMAX Theater

    We need another movie theater but we need an IMAX. Missoula and Billings have one and it's about time we get a big IMAX for all the blockbusters that are released.

  • 5

    Cracker Barrel

    Many people in Bozeman have been wanting one of these restaurants for years and it's a definite possibility with locations in Montana. Maybe they take over the old Johnny Carino's location.