Bozeman is filled with many great breweries, but there is always room for another great brewery. 

Last Best Place Brewing has been officially opened in Bozeman for a few weeks and has been a pretty big hit so far with locals. Last Best Place Brewing is located right on the corner of 7th Avenue and Durston Avenue in a beautiful new building. Last Best Place Brewing could be pretty popular. 

Last Best Place Brewing's building is beautiful and has open seating with all windows all the way around that has incredible natural lighting. Plus, they have all different sizes of tables either for group activities or more intimate meetings. The only problem with Last Best Place Brewing is that their parking can be a headache due to its location. 

What about the beer though? I just tried two of their beers while I was there, and I was a big fan of both. The Pika Pale Ale was a perfect beer if you aren't a fan of IPA's and is great to sip on. The other beer I tried was the Dad Bod Blonde Ale, they need to make merch for this beer ASAP, and the beer was very tasty. 

Last Best Place Brewing via Facebook
Last Best Place Brewing via Facebook

So how does Last Best Place Brewing stack up to the other breweries in Bozeman? I think Last Best Place Brewing has started well for itself. The beer is solid, and the location is one of the best you can have in Bozeman. Now they have to keep building on their momentum and grow their customers. I will be one of the regulars. 

For more details, check out Last Best Place Brewing

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