Where you send your kids for school can make a huge difference. You always want your children to get the best education but here in Montana we have an overwhelming majority of public schools and that begs the question, which is the best public school in Montana? Luckily, we aren't too far away from it.

MSN Money came out with a ranking of the Best Public High School in Every State and for Montana the winner was actually Bozeman High School. That's pretty awesome to say the least.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

The reason why Bozeman High School was chosen because this website Niche that grades schools on a multitude of factors gave Bozeman High School an A+ rating.

Bozeman High ranked high for graduation rate(88%) and student to teacher ratio(16 to 1) and their average SAT score is pretty high(1300). These are all really great numbers for a public school in Montana, especially of that size. You want your kids to have smaller class sizes so the teachers can make sure every student is getting the best education.

Looking at their data, their numbers look like it might be from last year with the student totals. Bozeman High has a smaller student body class thanks to the new Gallatin High School.

I think that is pretty special that the biggest school in Montana is also the best one for kids to attend and get the best education. You don't usually see that in a lot of states. Kudos to you Bozeman High.

For more details, check out MSN Money.

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