As Gallatin County slowly reopens businesses, parks, and more, one place that many folks miss is Regal Cinemas at the Gallatin Valley Mall.

This is the only movie theater in our area that shows new movies that come out weekly and makes pretty good business before the COVID-19 crisis.

The problem is even when the movie theater is allowed to reopen, they probably won't.

Deklofenak/Getty Images

That's because during this time of the year is when all the big blockbuster films would be coming out but most/if not all the big studios have pushed back their huge films to the end of the year or to 2021.

So Regal Cinemas here in Bozeman might have to make the decision to keep their doors closed until big new films come out and that means that could be in the fall by the earliest.

If they reopen during one of the next two phases but if they don't have new films to show, what would they show? It's a tough question.

We are hoping for the best for our movie theater.