Growing up, one of the most popular things to do in my small town was go to the movies with my friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Of course back then, if we didn't have our license, we would make sure that our Moms dropped us off as far away from the theater entrance as possible so that we didn't look lame.

A lot has changed since my youth, between the pandemic and all of the different streaming platforms, the movie theater business has taken a hit over the last few years, so much so, that many have decided to call it quits and shut it down.

In fact, a popular chain just announced that they would be closing 39 different theaters across the nation, and that chain just happens to have theaters here in Montana.

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According to CNN, Regal Theaters will be closing theaters due to the fact that their parent company, Cineworld filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few months back. Regal currently has theaters all across the nation, including the Regal Gallatin Valley Theatre located next to the Gallatin Vally Mall.

As of now, Bozeman is not included on the list of Regal Theaters that will be closing. According to the CNN report, the majority of the closures will happen in California and New York, along with several other states.

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On a brighter note, it seems that Hollywood is starting to produce more films that are meant to be seen in an actual movie theater. Blockbuster films like Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water have brought people back to going to the movies. Hopefully, movie companies will take note of this, and continue to make and produce movies that need to be seen on the big screen.

Credit: CNN

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