I've always been that person that likes dogs more than I like people.  I know that I'm not the only one, we dog lovers tend to find each other and go on and on about our four legged children like the proud fur parents we are.

My wife and I have Eugene and Fletcher.  Eugene is a 10 year old Basset Hound and my best friend, and Fletcher is an 18 month old Black Mouth Cur and a Mama's boy. They are total and complete opposites. Eugene likes to eat and sleep.  Fletcher is always looking for someone or something to play with.



One of the things that we love about Bozeman is how dog friendly the City is. When we visited for the first time, everywhere we went we saw people and their dogs. That was a HUGE plus for us. When we were looking for an apartment, obviously they had to accept pets, but my wife wanted to make sure that they had a dog area on the property.  Lucky for us, several do!  Not to mention all of the dog friendly parks and walking trails.


Coming from a place that had one public dog park, imagine our delight in the fact that we have several options here, including some restaurants that will allow dogs!. Lewis and Bark Dog Park and the Dog Park at Gallatin County Reginal Park are both open 24 hours, which is fantastic if you work 2nd or 3rd shift and might have non-traditional sleep patterns.

If you are curious about the Dog Parks in Bozeman, here is some more info https://www.bozeman.net/government/parks/off-leash-parks

I look forward to seeing all of my fellow Dog lovers out and about and I know that Eugene and Fletcher look forward to meeting you as well!

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