With Montana State University growing enrollment there might be a want for more activities to enjoy with our amazing athletic department. We have several amazing sports already with football, basketball, skiing and more but maybe Montana State should add one or two more. Here are a few of the one's I would go with.

  • Lacrosse-They already have a great club program in place. If they went official the only problem would be what conference. The only other team that is in the West is University of Denver and they play in the Big East.
  • Softball/Baseball-The weather could be a problem but Montana State could get around that with early tournaments and away games in nicer climates. Plus, the Griz have a softball team and that would be a great rivalry game. Also, Big Sky has a softball conference but if it was baseball they would either have to join the Mountain West, WCC, Big West or WAC conference for that sport.
  • Soccer-Women's and men's would be welcome additions and would be fun to go to. The only thing is do they play at Bobcat Stadium when there aren't football games or do they build a new smaller field.
  • Swimming-Both women's and men's sports and there are high school athletes in Montana that are amazing swimmers. The biggest hurdle is where would they build the swimming facility.
  • Men's Golf or Volleyball-These would be pretty easy additions especially because we have both sports but just currently for women only.

What do you think? Should we add any of these sports or just keep them as is? Let us know in the poll below.

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