A study came out recently, and let me just ask, is the survey accurate?

MSN came out with a list of "Your State's Top Takeout Joint"...and named Missoula as the town and Bridge Pizza as the winner. What do you think? Are they THE TOP TAKEOUT in the state?

Bridge Pizza has a couple of locations in Missoula and has been around since 1995. A second-generation family-owned pizza spot. From their website, it is obvious why their employees, community, and state love them:

 We strive to offer food that is accessible to everyone and displays the bounty of our farming and food communities - that we are one of Missoula’s largest purchasers of locally grown food is not just a badge of honor, but a responsibility.

We are incredibly proud of the individuals that work for us, how many have stuck with us for the long haul, the energy they give to our mission, and the fun they help us have along the way.

We find that offering quality food and service through three areas, with dining rooms, drive-thrus and delivery allows us to be agile and lets people enjoy good food in the way that fits their lives. -Bridge Pizza Offical Website


Their Happy Hour is a pretty sweet deal and for me personally, I love a good Happy Hour. Happy Hour is every day from 3-5 pm, with some sweet specials:

Buy One Slice of Pizza & Get A Free 10oz Draft Beer AND Buy 2 Slices, Get A Free Pint

You can check out Bridge Pizza's Full Menu HERE. 

Not gonna lie, this is definitely a spot I am going to check out. Everyone loves a good slice, wash it down with a cold brew and I am in Heaven. I can see why Montana loves Bridge Pizza!

cc: msn.com

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