If you are a person who likes to wait until the last minute to show up at the airport, this might help you get to your gate faster.

Most travelers these days prefer to fly to their destinations rather than drive. Why? You get there faster and sometimes it's more affordable depending on where you are heading.

Some of us airport dads like to get to the airport way too early to check our bags, get through security, and find our gate. We might get judged, but at least we won't miss our flight.

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Then some folks cut it close, arrive at airports late, and risk missing their flight. Is this poor time management, or do they love living on the edge?

Photo by Lisanto via Unsplash
Photo by Lisanto via Unsplash

Either way, there is a place that is make or break on whether they will get on their flight.

That would be TSA.

Security lines can be quick and efficient or nightmares. It all depends on how many lines are open and how quickly folks can remove their items to put in bins to be scanned.

martince2/Getty Images
martince2/Getty Images

If you are a frequent flyer and like to take your time to get to the airport, you might want to check out this event.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is hosting a TSA PreCheck event.

What is TSA PreCheck? It allows travelers a smoother security experience. All you have to do is apply, TSA will check your background, and, if you pass, pay a $78 application fee covering five years.

TSA Officials Highlight New Pre Application Program Center At LaGuardia Airport
John Moore/Getty Images

With TSA PreCheck, you don't have to remove your shoes, remove electronics from your bags, and avoid general security lines, which can get hectic.

The TSA PreCheck in Bozeman ends soon but there will be more at other airports in Montana and you can apply online.

If you want a smooth flying experience, maybe this is something you should consider.

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