We would like to round off the week of December 20th with a look back on the best books, some wedding tips for any brides to be, gifts to not get your parents, video game trailors and the not so sticky Spider-Man. Click to see all stories.

A Visit From The Goon Squad

Each Wednesday we will provide you with the books we think you should read. You will have just enough time to go and get the book before for the weekend. To start off our weekly book updates, we thought we would round off the top books of 2010.

After 5 And Weddings

With all the planning and deadlines fluttering around in a brides head sometimes the wedding dress can become an unexpectedly time consuming matter. Being one of the most important parts of your important day, with these simple tips from After 5 And Weddings we hope to help you avoid cutting corners or settling for less.

baby I can not believe Christmas is this weekend. I totally thought I was up on my Christmas shopping but it wasn't until these last couple of days that I really realized how wrong I was. I started my shopping early thinking I was going to get a jump on things but that turned into more time to procrastinate which means I definitely have not got presents for my mom and or dad.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" Broadway Preview Opening Night - DeparturesSpider-Man took a great fall during a preview of the still in the works Broadway Musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Audience members could only sit and wait in hopes that their favorite neighborhood Spider was OK. We found a blog from an audience member that sheds light on the story.

60 Sec Of Video Game Awesomeness

Crysis 2 With tons of great games on the verge of being released and all that Christmas money soon to be burning a hole in your pocket, feast your eyes on this great video of some amazing looking games, and try not to buy them all.

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