When it comes to video games we never get to see Montana shown in it's beautiful glory but there are a few that have displayed Montana's awesomeness.

Most video games that are set in the United States are featuring big cities like New York, Los Angeles or somewhere in Florida. The thing is Montana doesn't get a lot of love but there are a few video games that are set in Montana that actually help the storyline.

There are games such as Cabela's Big Game Hunter, which shows the hunting side of Montana. Then there is Horizon Zero Dawn, which shows parts of Yellowstone National Park in the 31st century(honestly, it's a super fun game). The thing is there is one game that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Far Cry 5 is an open world first person shooter set in southwestern Montana in a fictional area called Hope County. The map of Far Cry 5 is definitely modeled after Gallatin Valley with rivers, mountains and loads of wildlife everywhere. The game mentions other places in Montana like Missoula and Billings. This game was an absolute blast to play too. You can literally go from shooting wildlife and completing missions to just stopping off by a river and go fishing whenever you want.

Then there are some other characteristics of Montana spread throughout the game. There are doomsday preppers, a Rocky Mountain Oyster celebration, and people who love living in isolation.

If you are looking for a video game to dip your toes into and also see the beauty and fun of Montana. The best and only choice is Far Cry 5.

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