Even though Montana is a beautiful place with gorgeous landscapes and open spaces, the 406 isn't usually a place that gets depicted in video games.

Recently, Far Cry 5 and it's follow up Far Cry New Dawn are set in southwest Montana and it's amazing. (If you haven't played it I highly recommend it.)

Then something really amazing happened the other day. I bought this game called Horizon Zero Dawn, it came out in 2017 and got it incredible reviews.

The setting of the game is set in the far future where civilization has regressed and all the animals looks like mechanical robots. It's a really fun game but then some incredible happened.

Yellowstone National Park landmarks showed up...well the remnants of them.

They are called different things in the game but essentially the Old Faithful Visitor Center and The Roosevelt Arch show up in the game.

Little Easter Eggs like this make games so much more fun and it's just fun to explore and see a location you've been to.

If you have a Playstation 4, you should check out Horizon New Dawn. (Also, check out Far Cry 5, it's a standalone game and the first four have no connection to it.)


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