Apparently, I need to get a lot of teammates for this.

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As part of craft beer week in Bozeman coming up in just a few weeks, there will be a Blazing Paddles YETI Ping Pong Tournament Tuesday, May 9th at Map Brewing here in Bozeman. The tournament will run form 5:30  to 7:30 p.m. and should be really interesting due to the rules.

It's not like regular ping pong at all. According to these rules from Blazing Paddles, you can have a team up to 15 people per team and after one person hits it then the next person has to go. Whatever team messes up will be assigned a letter (YETI), so it's pretty much the game HORSE but with ping pong.

Listen, I am huge fan of ping pong and beer, so I will need to go around my office and get some teammates to play with me. This sounds like an awesome time especially because it's only $5 per person and paddles and ping pong balls will be provided. For more details, check out the Facebook page.

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