Can you run that by me again? How many earthquakes?

Credit:Federica Grassi/Getty Images

If you haven't heard, Yellowstone's been hit by over 400 earthquakes in the past two weeks. If you didn't know, Yellowstone sits on an active supervolcano that, if it erupts, would cover pretty much all of North America in a huge ash cloud. It hasn't erupted in over 72,000 years but earthquakes can help a volcano erupt.

Credit:USGS Volcanoes/Facebook
USGS Volcanoes Research/Facebook

Scientists with the USGS say we shouldn't worry due to the fact that all of the earthquakes were minor. When I mean minor, they all register under a 3.0 on the seismic scale (check out the map here). Even though the volcano is active and there is no way to find out if/when the volcano when erupt, scientists say it will be fine.

I highly recommend checking out Yellowstone National Park's website for more details.

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