Montana has a history of connection to the nature that characterizes the state. So why not learn some fun new facts about that nature? 

I was watching TikTok the other day and came across an account named justinthetrees. He has a series of videos in which he carves out a wooden emblem in the shape of each state using that state's official tree. While he carves the state and fits the beautifully finished product into a map of the United States, he tells you about the history of the tree. Unsurprisingly, Montana's state tree has a deep history.

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If you didn't know, the official state tree of Montana is the Ponderosa Pine. The Ponderosa Pine is associated with high elevations, the west, and many indigenous tribes. 

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justinthetrees via TikTok

The Ponderosa Pine has many uses. It can be used to build homes, it can act as the pitch for chewing gum, and its roots can even be used for blue dye. That is an impressive list of uses for one tree! 

In 1949, the Montana legislature formally declared the Ponderosa Pine the official state tree of Montana after many groups petitioned on its behalf.

One interesting fact about the Ponderosa Pine is that the tree doesn't reach full maturity until about 150 years old. You will know the Ponderosa Pine reaches maturity because it will gain its iconic orange scale-like bark. 

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash
Photo by Arnaud Mesureur via Unsplash

Growing up in Montana, we had several Ponderosa Pines at my house, and they are truly beautiful, magnificent trees. Ponderosa Pines provide fantastic shade and block high winds. They also smell great on warm days during the spring and summertime. 

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