I love going to this place on the weekends.

Credit:Nicolo Sertorio/Getty Images

The Procrastinator Theater on the MSU Campus is a secret gem that only few people really know about. It's a movie theater that shows films that have been in the theaters for a while and are on their last leg. The cool part about this theater is they have a new film every week. I have seen several movies here. I was there a few weeks ago seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a few friends and it was amazing.

The best part though about the Procrastinator is that it only costs two bucks to see a movie. That's right, two dollars. On Thursdays it's only$1. Depending on the films they are showing, there can be between 10 people in the crowd to a full house to see a movie.

To learn more and see the films and the schedules for the movies go to the Procrastinator Theater's Facebook Page.

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