Just in time for the Halloween season, have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel? Well luckily, there is one that isn't too far away from the Gallatin Valley.

MSN Lifestyle released a list of the Most Haunted Hotels in Every State and for Montana their choice is in one of the most iconic ghost towns. MSN Lifestyle chose the infamous Fairweather Inn in Virginia City.

Credit: Fairweather Inn via Google Maps
Credit: Fairweather Inn via Google Maps

The Fairweather Inn in Virginia City is rumored not to be haunted by old miners or wild west cowboys but kids running up and down the hall, whispers and doors opening and closing.

That sounds creepy and a little bit of The Shining vibes. At least the ghostly kids aren't throwing chairs at people.

Virginia City was once a huge town in the old west during the gold rush but is not small town Montana with some of the oldest buildings in Montana. Virginia City is one of the best places to travel to in Montana during the summer. Whether you want to go to the oldest bar in Montana, check out their candy shop or see the Virginia City Follies, they have a lot to offer than a haunted hotel. Plus, it's a short drive and you can make a stop in Ennis and go to the Gravel Bar or Willie's Distillery for some fun.

Listen, with Halloween essentially being canceled to being very limited for certain activities, maybe a short drive, and a nice stay at a haunted hotel in Virginia City will help us get into the spooky spirit in 2020.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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