Kids AND adults like to enjoy Halloween. If your kids are heading out to trick or treat and you're headed to an adult Halloween party, consider a few things to ensure the night is all fun...not freaky.

By the way, don't be surprised to spend more money on all the typical Halloween candy this year. The prices of all the ingredients have gone up a ton, hence those bags of fun-size happiness cost more. (One of the tips below will help cut down on little paws grabbing too many pieces.)

"The cost of sugar, nuts, dairy and imported cocoa have skyrocketed in recent years, and the sheer volume of candy sales at this time of year drives prices sharply higher." (


The Bozeman and Belgrade areas have LOTS of developed subdivisions with good lighting and proper sidewalks. A little planning ahead about where your kids should trick or treat can go a long way. Let's face it—some neighborhoods celebrate Halloween much more than others, making them better choices. Rural areas come with an entirely different set of challenges than subdivisions.


Let's be honest—being safe on Halloween is 99% common sense. There are always a few bad apples looking to pull pranks, but almost everyone is just looking to have a safe, fun time with friends and family. Keep and eye on your group, stay ON the beaten path, and try your best not to eat all the peanut butter cups before you get home.

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Best Tips to Keep Halloween Safe in Montana: Trick or Treating, Parties and Costumes

Adults AND kids need all the 'tricks' they can get to be safe on Halloween. What should be a fun day of friends, candy and gatherings can also be wrought with bad weather and mischief. Using common sense and a few cool tricks can keep everyone a little more safe, so we can have more fun!

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