Bozeman is definitely experiencing growing pains. The influx of new residents has revealed several areas in desperate need of an upgrade.

Urban traffic congestion sign saying Expect Delays

If you're driving around Bozeman, there are quite a few areas that are extremely difficult to navigate, and the growing population is only making things worse. To be fair, I don't think the City of Bozeman was anticipating the level of growth the town has seen lately. Maybe they were caught off guard.

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Regardless, a lot of residents are becoming frustrated with certain sections of streets around town. I commute to and from Manhattan every day for work. Driving down 7th Avenue towards I-90 at around 5:00 p.m. on my way home is a real struggle. It's literally one big line of traffic.

People not driving the speed limit seems to be another issue. Apparently, nobody drives the speed limit on Highland Blvd.


That section of road isn't the only area causing frustration among residents.

User Snwgrl recently asked the following question on Bozeman's Reddit page. She added that she despises Kagy between highland and 19th Avenue, which she describes as an utter mess.

What is, in your opinion, the worst section of road, in terms of traffic, in Bozeman?

Traffic Light

Bozeman area residents were quick to respond.

Mysterious_Arthropod wrote:

All of Huffine!

watermanMT wrote:

Gotta be 19th between College St and the freeway.

runningoutofwords wrote:

If we're talking the whole area, I've gotta go with Gallatin Rd. The canyon is just the worst.

fireandping wrote:

I don’t like 19th from Baxter to the interchanges.

suprweeniehutjrs wrote:

The traffic backups on Oak are such a wreck at rush hour. Why aren’t there three lanes?

Oak Street and 19th Avenue were mentioned several times in the Reddit thread. So, what sections of Bozeman do you think have the worst traffic? Let us know on our station app.

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