Well, even though we might not have the Cat-Griz football game happening this fall that doesn't mean the mascots for both schools can't throw some shade at each other.

I was scrolling through TikTok the other day and one of the features of TikTok it will show you videos from accounts around your area such as Bozeman or Montana and I happen to come across a video from the Montana State Bobcat mascot Champ.

@champthebobcatIt’s Christmas time everyone!!! (Even though it’s still October...) ##christmas ##snow ##mascot ##msu ##foryou ##montana♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Credit: Champ the Bobcat via TikTok

It's an adorable video obviously of Champ the Bobcat excited for the snow then I came across a video of Monte the Griz from the University of Montana throwing some criticisms at Champ for his music selection.

Credit: Monte Bear via TikTok

Listen, I get why Monte the Griz came at Champ like that because honestly, we can all agree it's too early for Christmas music and it's still spooky season but Monte didn't need to come at Champ that hard.

Plus, Monte came at Bobcat fans as well in another video about ghosting us.

Credit: Monte Bear via TikTok

Even though we don't have the Cat-Griz football game this year I am fully anticipating a Champ the Bobcat reply to Monte the Griz soon and I hope Champ reminds him why his name is Champ the Bobcat.

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