After a long day of work or if you are meeting up with friends for an adult beverage, this iconic drink is a perfect choice.

Montana is known for several popular food items, including huckleberries and pork chop sandwiches, but what about beverages? Montana is passionate when it comes to adult beverages. Everywhere you go in Montana, you can find a craft brewery or a distillery in many cities and towns. So what is Montana's most iconic beverage?

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Some would argue it's a beer or huckleberry vodka, but we have a different answer that makes a lot of sense. Montana's signature drink is the classic whiskey ditch.

If you don't know what a whiskey ditch is, it's a simple and to-the-point drink, and it's not surprising that this is Montana's most iconic drink. Check out the video below.

The whiskey ditch is a simple drink that only involves three items. Get a short glass and pour in some ice, a couple of ounces of whiskey, and a couple of ounces of water.

The ditch is a slang term popularized in Montana that means water. This slang term makes sense for anyone who grew up in rural Montana. Ditches are usually on properties to help livestock get fresh water and to water crops.

Plus, a whiskey ditch is a fabulous way to try and get into whiskey drinking. Some folks aren't fans of whiskey as a beverage, so a little splash of water can help with the taste. It all depends on what kind of whiskey you order.

Photo by Maxim Hopman via Unsplash
Photo by Maxim Hopman via Unsplash

Here in Montana, we have several distilleries famous for their incredible whiskeys. So if you want to try a whiskey ditch soon, pick up a local whiskey to get the whole Montana vibe.

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