We knew this industry was popular, but the amount of money coming in is wild. 

Montana has several highly profitable industries. Some of the largest industries include agriculture, forestry, and mining. These fields are what Montana is known for, but did you know that Montana has another large revenue generator—one you wouldn't expect?

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While digging into Montana's liquor industry, I found some incredible numbers. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, in 2020, Montana distilleries made over $458 million. Plus, these distilleries support over 5,500 jobs. These numbers blew me away. 

Credit: Bozeman Spirits Distillery via Facebook
Credit: Bozeman Spirits Distillery via Facebook

Montana distilleries have been growing over the past several years and have become popular gathering spots for locals and visitors. Whether you want whiskey, vodka, gin, or even tequila, many Montana distilleries have lots of options. 

Distilleries might not be as widespread throughout Montana as breweries are, but the distilleries that exist in Montana are crucial parts of the industry. Plus, think about all the distilleries in the Bozeman area. They're usually busy with folks either having a casual cocktail or coming in to buy their favorite spirit. 

Willie's Distillery, Inc. via Facebook
Willie's Distillery, Inc. via Facebook

These numbers are two years old, so we can only imagine that this industry's income is even greater now. With the population growth of Montana and the record number of tourists, we wouldn't be surprised if the number is now closer to $500 million. 

So the next time you want to purchase a nice bottle of liquor, why not pick up something from a local distillery? You might find out why they're such a huge success. 

For more details, check out the Distilled Spirits Council

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