Whether it's hot or cold outside, whether you're hanging out with friends or relaxing alone, the best way to unwind is to sit back with a great Montana craft beer. 

In Montana, the passion for craft brewing can be seen at all levels, from high production facilities that sell beer nationwide to small breweries that are in the business because of their passion to serve their community. Montana has it all.  

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We are spoiled here in the Gallatin Valley. Bozeman has several breweries that are beloved by many locals. Plus, some new breweries are making waves. That's the exciting part about breweries; craft beer is for everyone. 

With so many breweries in Montana, it's hard to keep track of where all the best ones are. So we decided to put together a massive list of the best breweries in the state. 

Angelika Kagan/Getty Images
Angelika Kagan/Getty Images

From the mountains of northwest Montana to the valleys of eastern Montana, we have a brewery for everyone. 

So if you are planning a trip through Montana any time soon and need a craft beer to accompany your dinner or to finish off your day, you should try one of these fantastic breweries around Montana. 

This list doesn't include every brewery in Montana, just our favorites, but you can visit the Montana Brewers Association for the whole list. 

Enjoy 30 Montana Breweries You Will Love. 

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