Montana has a lot of pride, and this is one conversation that could cause a stir among locals.

If you have spent time in Montana, you know locals have a lot of pride in their communities. Anywhere you travel in Montana, you will see folks rocking shirts or stickers on their vehicles supporting their hometown.

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As you travel around Montana, you will see a giant white letter made up of rocks on one of the surrounding hills or mountains to symbolize the town you are in. Most of these letters are curated and preserved by locals or kids of the community.

One letter that appears more than often is the letter M. You can find the letter M in Missoula, Butte, and Bozeman. Why is that?

The M makes sense for Missoula but what about Bozeman or Butte? Bozeman has a giant M for Montana State. Butte has an M Trail for their school Montana Tech.

MSU/Kelly Gorham via Facebook
MSU/Kelly Gorham via Facebook

So which one is the best M in Montana? It all depends on who you talk to in Montana. Some folks will defend the M in Bozeman because Montana State has gone to great lengths on the upkeep and keeping the trail usable for locals.

The one M in Butte might not be as well known as the other two, but it feels right to be in the middle of Montana.

Here's the thing, the one in Missoula makes the most sense. Not only does it signify the letter of Missoula, but it has a deep meaning for the University of Montana. Plus, you can reach this M trail on a short walk from the college.

Campus is pictured from a drone’s perspective on June 27, 2023.
Tommy Martino/University of Montana via Facebook

To enjoy the M trail in Bozeman, you need to drive into Bridger Canyon to reach the trailhead.

So which one is the best? Tell us on the app.

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