The Best Hollywood Beauty Secret? Fotoshop [Video]
Photoshop is known to be used on almost every single picture that you see in magazines.  Now it's available to you in this mock commercial.  Boasting results that are almost un-real..istic.  Check it out.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo...
Britney Spears’ New Video For “I Wanna Go”
Britney Spears kills it in her new video.  I haven't seen an exceptional video from Spears in quite some time.  But this one has attitude, is funny, and features a cameo from Guillermo Diaz (or Scareface from the movie Half Baked) with Britney doing the "F*#k you, F*#k you, Y…
US Named Funniest Country; Germany Named Least Funny
Maybe we should work on exporting some knock-knock jokes.
The US has been named the funniest country in a survey of 30,000 people from 15 nations around the globe, while Germany - long known for its poor sense of humor - kept up the stereotype by finishing at the bottom.

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