There are always some wild things that can happen on traffic stops but here in Montana sometimes they can take an interesting turn.

The Montana Highway Patrol's Facebook page recently released a video and a message simply saying, "Please don't open your door unexpectantly during a traffic stop because you will get our heart racing. Even if it's to let your goat out."

Credit: Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook

Now that is something you don't ever see, especially on the side of the road during a traffic stop. Maybe the goat needed to stretch it's little legs for a hot second but we all can understand why a Montana Highway Patrol officer might have been startled at first.

The Montana Highway Patrol just wants folks to know during a traffic stop to not open your door unless asked. Just sit in your car with your seatbelt on, hands on the steering wheel and keep your doors closed.

Personally, I have never seen someone just randomly open their door for their pet to get out especially next to a highway. That seems like that could have bad consequences but that's just me. Maybe ask the officer if it's ok if you can let your pet, whether a dog or goat in this instance, so they are just aware of the situation. That might be a smart idea.

I wonder if the Montana Highway Patrol will next capture video of a baby cow or a sheep coming out of a vehicle next. That would be priceless.

For more details and to see some of the hilarious comments, check out the Montana Highway Patrol's Facebook.

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