I don't think anyone would expect to see something like this when you pop the hood of your car and luckily this creature wasn't injured.

So I was scrolling through TikTok and came upon a video that has blown up in the past few days because this is such a typical Montana thing to happen to a car. This video has over 500,000 likes and over five million views, which is incredible. A guy pops the hood to his Ford and low and behold there is an animal just chilling near the engine in the back. Watch the TikTok below.

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Credit: coors4lunch via TikTok

If you are wondering that that is, that is a rock chuck or a yellow-haired marmot and as cute as they are, they can do some damage. My big question is how the little guy get in there and find so much space to have. That is quite impressive but hopefully they were able to get him out of car safe and sound and the rock chuck didn't do too much damage to the car.

This is a common thing that happens in Montana surprisingly. Usually during the winter though. Animals to escape the cold with go to places where there are warmth and most of the time that is a vehicles engine block. This might be one of the biggest animals though I have ever seen under a hood of a car though.

I love coming across videos like these on TikTok because situations like this can only show how wild Montana truly is.

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