Very sad news to report this morning, particularly sad for fans of FX's motorcycle drama 'Sons of Anarchy,' as we've just learned that one-time series star Johnny Lewis has died under somewhat mysterious circumstances. The actor was known to play Kip "Half-Sack" eps on the first two seasons of the hit biker series, before requesting to be released from his contract, which 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter obliged by killing off the character.

TMZ claims that Lewis is the only current suspect of an apparent Los Angeles double death, as the actor's body was found in the driveway of the property belonging to a 81-year-old woman from whom Lewis rented a room. Upon further investigation, police discovered the woman's body inside the home, believed to have been beaten to death by Lewis.

According to various reports, neighbors heard the 81-year-old woman, now known as Lewis' landlord screaming, before witnessing a young man outside her Los Feliz home attack several others with a piece of wood. It was then the man climbed up onto the complex's roof, but it's unclear if Lewis jumped or fell. Reportedly, police aren't looking for any additional suspects.

Apart from 'Sons of Anarchy,' Lewis was also known for his roles on 'The O.C.,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'Bones' and 'CSI.' Lewis even dated pop singer Katy Perry in 2006, prior to her popularity boom.

Tragic news for all. Johnny Lewis, rest in peace.

UPDATE - 10:30 a.m: Additional TMZ findings indicate that the police believe Lewis to have been on drugs during the incident, either meth or PCP, as the actor seemed "phenomenally strong" in his altercation with two other men.

Lewis supposedly attempted to break into the home of one of the men, and had to be held back.  Some neighbors say that Lewis had gone to another neighbor's home to introduce himself earlier that day.

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