Disappointed though we were that FX and Donald Glover parted ways with a proposed Deadpool animated series, the creator is taking it in stride. Not only is Glover correcting notions that his schedule left him “too busy” for the show, but the Solo star even shares a first script … of sorts.

It was over the weekend that FX, Glover and Marvel TV abandoned the project over “creative differences,” though none of the ten ordered scripts were believed to have been written. Some theorized that Glover was perhaps busy with his work on Atlanta, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Lion King and his music career as Childish Gambino, though the star took to Twitter on Wednesday to refute that notion:

Curiously, Glover also shared a string of tweets containing scripts for the Deadpool “finale,” albeit one that was clearly written after the weekend cancellation. The script features Deadpool in Africa on a mission to save the last male northern white rhino, though the dialogue references impossibly topical events like actress Sanaa Lathan reportedly biting Beyoncé’s face, or even the show’s cancellation itself. The character even takes potshots at Marvel’s other recent projects, including Black Panther and upcoming Freeform series.

Glover and his brother Stephen were to write the “animated adult action-comedy TV series adaptation” in between Atlanta seasons, while Archer animation house Floyd County was to handle the visuals. It’s unclear exactly where the “creative differences” lie, or if Marvel TV might look to shop the series elsewhere with another creator.

You can read the full script at the link above (it’s a lot of tweets), and stay tuned for any future Deadpool news.

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