As the actors of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ make the talk-show circuit, accounts of Michael Bay’s legendary temper are starting to pile up. On Wednesday night’s episode of the ‘Late Show,’ Patrick Dempsey shared his own story involving a run-in with the director.

According to Dempsey, co-star Shia LaBeouf gave him pointers on how to avoid confrontations with Bay. “Shia told me never get in his eyeline, always stay behind him. So, I would put my chair right behind his so I could see what he’s up to and be one step ahead of him,” he said.

And yet, despite his precautions, Dempsey once came face-to-face with Bay and took a verbal beating. “He went off on me for a few minutes,” said Dempsey. Still, the actor didn’t seem perturbed by the encounter, noting that this is how Bay motivates his people to work.

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