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Akiva Goldsman Hired for 'Transformers' Sequels, Spinoffs
Since Michael Bay decided to make Transformers: Age of Extinction his last directorial outing with the franchise, it’s been unclear just where the series is heading. We’d heard talk of Mark Wahlberg returning to continue the storyline that began with last summer’s film, but litt…
Michael Bay Exits Stage Right at CES
Like a communications major fresh out of the warm, snuggly womb of school and ready to hit the airwaves, Michael Bay was about to address a crowd at the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) when his trusty teleprompter decided not to cooperate.
Michael Bay Describes ‘Transformers 4′ in Three Words
Director Michael Bay is currently making the press rounds for the upcoming 'Pain and Gain' and, naturally, he's getting asked about the about-to-shoot 'Transformers 4.' Although Bay has remained mum on details so far, he described the upcoming film in three words that will g…
Patrick Dempsey Gives Account of Michael Bay’s Bad Temper [VIDEO]
As the actors of ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ make the talk-show circuit, accounts of Michael Bay’s legendary temper are starting to pile up. On Wednesday night’s episode of the ‘Late Show,’ Patrick Dempsey shared his own story involving a run-in with the director.
According to Dempsey, co-star S…