You know that extra $1 million you've been wondering what to do with? The answer: Buy a transformer. I'm not a sci-fi type of person, nor am I a gamer but the reason this real-life robot was created is fascinating. "I want to create a society that robots can live with." - Wataru Yoshizaki 

Thinking about robots living with us kind of freaks me out. I'll be honest. Thinking a little bit more into it, I'm realizing that we already live with robots...they just don't have human characteristics. There are so many things we don't have to do anymore because it can be automatically done by a machine. From Keurigs to the iRobot Roomba (the vacuum cleaner that finds its way around the house). The next step is a robot with arms and legs.


Wataru Yoshizaki has created a life-like robot that can be controlled from a cockpit (inside the transformer-like machine) or via a smart phone. Can you IMAGINE all the people who would be freaked out?

You can purchase the robot on Amazon for $1 million. It comes with an instructional DVD (like any electronics purchase would) and probably in a billion shipments.

I'm thinking we're not far off from living with robots. Still too science fiction-y for you? I'm warming up to it...but then not.