This past week in Bozeman, there were a few different police calls. Some of these calls were a bit odd and some were very common calls that our men and women in uniform deal with regularly.

Our Bozeman Police Department constantly arrives at situations they are unsure about. They don't always have a lot of information before putting themselves in these situations, and for that, we thank you.

The video below shows one situation that has the perfect ending. Check it out.

Another one of the calls that came in, in the last week was regarding two guys, and one sword.

From the Bozeman Police Department Facebook Page:

A domestic was called in at a local hotel. During the investigation, officers learned that two males had been engaged in mutual combat over a sword. Further investigation showed that there was a female victim, and one of the males was arrested for partner family member assault.

Another call that came in that saddened me was regarding a homeless juvenile.

A juvenile who had been homeless for an unknown amount of time was located at the Warming Center Sunday evening. The juvenile’s parents did not want her home. Officers contacted CPS and were able to get her off the streets. CPS will be investigating. -Bozeman PD Facebook

As a parent of a teenager, it breaks my heart to see these types of situations. Thankfully the Warming Center was available for a short time while waiting for the BPD to arrive.

We thank our law enforcement for their selfless efforts every single day.

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