I miss this place every single day.

With more and more businesses coming to Bozeman, especially restaurants, I am hoping in the near future that one of my all-time favorite fast food restaurants will have a location here in Bozeman. I am not talking about Chick-Fil-A or In-n-Out. Even though those places are great and I love them they are not my absolute favorite. That restaurant is...

Credit:ullstein bild/Getty Images

Jack in the Box. That's right, Jack in the Box. I just have so many fond memories from college and living in Idaho, going to Jack in the Box late night with my friends or grabbing some food quickly 'cause I hadn't eaten anything all day. Jack in the Box not only has great food for a fast food place, but their value menu is the best in the business.

Is it possible for them to come here? Maybe. They currently don't have any locations in Montana, but they have locations in some states that surround Montana. It would be an easy transition to Montana, and I think as Bozeman gets bigger this would be a slam dunk for them. Plus, there are plenty of solid places near the mall or even on 7th that would be great traffic for them. What do you think? Have you ever been to Jack in the Box? Do you think I am crazy? Let me know.

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