This would affect so many businesses in Bozeman.

406 MT Sports just came out with a report about how loss of Montana State home games would further harm the Bozeman economy and we have to agree with everything that was said out in the article.

As of right now the entire football season is up in the air due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some schools have gone to conference only games and so far Montana State has one canceled game against the University of Utah(where Montana State Univeristy were going to get paid $675,000 for just being there).

DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images
DianeBentleyRaymond/Getty Images

Montana State has six home games on the schedule right now but if any of those games get cancelled many businesses from bars, restaurants and hotels would be impacted severely.

Home games bring in not only spectators from the visiting team but also other Bobcat fans from all over the country to watch the football team in Bobcat Stadium. Plus, locals always love going out and celebrating a win at bars and restaurants here in Bozeman.

If the football get canceled or even moved to the spring it would crush so many businesses that depend on that money from home games to get them through the winter.

If we even have college football this fall, will they allow fans in the stands to watch the games? Or will it be like professional sports were they pump in fake crowd noise in an empty stadium?

There are still tons of questions that still need to be answered but we have to wait and see what happens.

For more details and to see the full article, check out 406 MT Sports.

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