We always love trying something new and fresh, and this new restaurant has a chance to be a hit with many locals.

Bozeman is known for being an incredible food city in Montana. Whatever kind of food you want, Bozeman has available every day. Whether you want Indian, Italian, Mexican, or other delicacies, Bozeman has many restaurants to check out.

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One of the most popular types of restaurants is Asian food. We even made a guide to every type of Asian restaurant you can enjoy in Bozeman, whether you are in the mood for Chinese, Thai, or Indian.

One type of Asian restaurant Bozeman has sorely needed over the years is a Vietnamese restaurant, and now that has changed.

Pho Saigon is a new Vietnam restaurant serving excellent dishes you don't see daily. Looking at their menu, I want to order several of their pho dishes and their spring rolls. Their menu looks like delicious plates that will satisfy your cravings, and we need to try it ASAP.

Pho Sai Gon via Facebook
Pho Sai Gon via Facebook

Pho Saigon started as a pop-up restaurant that served on Sundays at Open Range in 2022. Even though that was short-lived, it's incredible for Pho Saigon to find a permanent home on 7th Avenue.

We are so happy to see another Vietnamese restaurant open in the Gallatin Valley area. The only other Vietnamese restaurant in the area is Bone Broth Noodles in Belgrade. It will be nice to have something closer to home.

Pho Sai Gon via Facebook
Pho Sai Gon via Facebook

Pho Saigon is in the same building as Last Best Place Brewing on 7th Avenue and is only open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

For more details, check out Pho Saigon.

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