If you haven't heard there will soon be a "new" streaming service available on Friday, March 5th and we are kind of excited for it.

According to CNET, CBS All Access will be rebranding itself to be Paramount Plus or Paramount+. What this means is the CBS All Access will not only have CBS programming but also have Parmamount shows(Yellowstone), Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV and the Paramount Pictures films.

If the pricing is like CBS All Access then it will be $5.99 per month with ads or $9.99 a month without ads. That seems pretty standard among the streaming game.

The thing is, why are the changing up the name and how big will their catalog be compared to their competitors. Right now Netflix is crushing the game with the streaming world, then Disney+ also. They have huge libraries. HBO Now has been getting high praise for their deep library of films and television plus their exclusives.Amazon Prime is also doing very well for themselves in the streaming department with a fantastic collection of exclusive shows and movies.

The thing is some streaming services haven't been able to really crack the market yet, such as Peacock TV, Quibi and even Apple TV is having trouble getting subscribers. So it makes sense the CBS All Access is trying to change things up and appeal to a wider base. By adding Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network they can try to appeal to parents for more great programming for their kids and Paramount Network for quality shows like Yellowstone. Makes sense.

For more details, check out CNET.

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