This movie sounds like it has the potential to be an awards contender when the film finally comes out this fall.

Coming out on Netflix this fall, the film The Power of the Dog starring stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch(Doctor Strange), Kirsten Dunst(Spider-Man), Jesse Plemons(Game Night), and Thomasin Mckenzie(Jojo Rabbit) is based on the book of the same name and is directed by Jane Campion who is one of seven women to ever be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards.

The Power of the Dog is set in 1920's Montana and the premise is this,

A sadistic ranch owner launches a campaign against a young widow when she unexpectedly marries her brother and comes to live at the ranch.

The movie will premier at the Venice International Film Festival, which is seen as a huge awards festival for potential films.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly via Instagram

The only problem I have with this movie is that even though I am excited for the movie to be set in 1920's Montana but they filmed the whole movie in New Zealand. With that information, I will be watching the movie and just be criticizing who the movie's landscape looks nothing like Montana but that's just me. They could have easily filmed this movie in Southwest Montana or Eastern Montana, there is plenty of areas that would have been perfect to film this movie.

Will I still watch this movie? Of course! This movie has a lot of potential going for it. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Benedict Cumberbatch as a crazed ranch owner in Montana? That sounds like a fun watch, especially on Netflix.

For more details on The Power of the Dog, check out Deadline.

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