If you didn't know the only zoo that is in Montana (if you don't count the wilderness) is in Billings.

Zoo Montana houses many animals that are native to Montana and some that some folks will never be able to see in their lives including red pandas, tigers and more.

Now Zoo Montana is adding to their growing family of incredible animals that they host.

Zoo Montana announced that they will be adding a Hoffman's two toed sloth very soon.

Cute face of young brown-throated sloth, Central America
Damocean/Getty Images

Sloth are very slow moving creatures and are incredibly adorable.

Some fun facts about sloths: they sleep anywhere from 15-18 hours a day and the Hoffman's two toed sloths are from lower Central America to parts of South America and can live up to 43 years in captivity.

The sloth is 18 months old and is currently traveling to Billings right now.

Zoo Montana actually set up a whole page on their website so you could follow this little guys journey to the 406.

No word yet on when the sloth exhibit will officially open at Zoo Montana but it will definitely be a hit with kids and families throughout Montana who visit.

The Zoo Montana is open every day of the year other than big holidays and admission is really affordable.

For an adult it will just cost you $11, Military and Seniors get a discount at $9 and children from 3-15 are just $8.

The best part is that kids two and under are free to visit Zoo Montana.

For more details on the sloth's journey, check out Zoo Montana.

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