With the world slowly getting back to normal, sports are slowly coming back as well.

The thing is, this fall could be an interesting year for MSU football.

Even though we might be passed Phase 3(hopefully) by August, there might be some restrictions for Bobcat home games.

Could 2020 be the year where Bobcat home games have zero fans in the stands or even a reduced capacity?

If that happens, what about tailgating and how would we watch the game?

So, I have an idea on what MSU could possibly come up with for the 2020 football season if they have to resort to zero fans in the stands or reduced capacity.

If it's a reduced capacity, they shouldn't have season tickets. Those will get bought out so quickly and many folks deserve a chance to see the Bobcats play. So what about a lottery system, like they do for Cat-Griz games. Total chance and every home game you have to sign up to win.

That seems fair enough.

If they play in front of zero fans, that will be huge for TV stations. Not every game for MSU is played on local(ABC/FOX) or regional TV(Root Sports) but Montana State could easily land a deal for all home games to be broadcasted on a local TV station.

Montana State could even create their own stream for every home/away game. That would be a home run for folks to watch from home.

I'm not saying it's going to come to this but MSU should make sure they have plans in place just in case they have to make hard decisions.

Would you be ok with a reduced capacity or having to watch games from home?

Just remember we need to think about the health and safety of not only fans but the players, coaches and everyone who works at the stadium.

Vote below on what you would be ok with.

Montana State plays their first game again Long Island University on September 5th here in Bozeman.

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