This is a handy little way to hear about what's going on with Bobcat Football before the season starts.

Credit:Dan Thornberg/Getty Images

The football season is almost here with MSU Bobcats facing off against the Washington State Cougars on September 2nd. Well summer camp has started and I really haven't heard anything about what is going on in camp and wanted to learn more. Well luckily, the MSU Bobcat website is helping out as much as it can.

Credit:Jeff Gross/Getty Images

They have a Fall Camp Central, where you can learn daily about what's going on in camp, watch interviews and see photos from practice. This is cool because they talk to coaches and players on how camp is going and how they are getting prepared for the upcoming season.

I think this season we will see a huge improvement on the team and will see some surprises throughout the year. For more details on MSU Football, check out the Fall Camp Central website.

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