Listen, we all love downing a large amount of food during the big game on Sunday but this can't possibly be Montana's favorite.

The Today Show made a graph, using Google on the most searched game day foods, and for Montana is a head scratcher. Apparently, the Most Popular Super Bowl Food in Montana is Cake. That makes zero sense.

American Idols Celebrate National Cheesecake Day at The Cheesecake Factory
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Listen, cake is great but that can't be the most popular food for the big game in Montana. When I think about the big game I think of foods that aren't too terribly complicated to make but are just as delicious.

There are wings, burgers, chips and dip and an even brownies or cookies as a dessert option. Who on earth is making a full blown cake with multiple layers either for a party or themselves? That is completely insane to me.

I get why The Today Show used Google, they are easy to use and they have some reliable information but this doesn't look right to me.

If you are watching the big game either by yourself or with company you want to make sure you have a low amount of stress to make sure all of your guests are happy and you can comfortably watch the game in peace. I just don't think baking a full blown cake a realistic option, unless you are buying a premade one.

Who knows maybe I am wrong? Do you make a cake for the big game or do you think this is wrong? Let me know.

For more details, check out The Today Show.

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