I saw a post the other day about an insect problem someone was having. Apparently, these little insects are all over. The post asked if anyone else was having an issue with them and if there was some sort of "hack" to get rid of them.

Ok...this is one of the grossest insects I have ever seen. They CREEP me out to no end. But I figured, if anyone else is finding these little nasties, the least I could do is try and give some insight into how to get rid of them.

Let me introduce you to the EARWIG.

These ugly little buggers are like a cross between an ant, a centipede, and something that has forceps on their back end. They prefer evening-time, so there is a good chance that when you're sleeping, they are having the time of their lives.

They like to stay in small areas that are a bit damp during the day, munching on different plants and other insects (little killers).

This woman was having an issue with earwigs in her garden and the way she took care of it clearly seems to be working! Now watch with caution because this is so gross, especially if you don't like insects.

Other videos are saying the same thing regarding the cooking oil. There are others that have used good old Windex to spray the earwigs, but if you are having garden issues it seems like cooking oil is the way to go.

You can also try a shallow bowl or lid with the oil in it for around the house if they are coming inside. Either way, GOOD LUCK, I hope these videos help you AND your garden.

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