Here's the truth about the rumors swirling about The Korner Klub. 

The Korner Klub is not only a staple of Bozeman but a landmark of the Four Corners area. It's a great place for friends and families to get together and enjoy food and drinks. My friends and I typically go there for NFL Sundays and get a big basket of their famous Buff Wings. Everyone loves the Korner Klub. 

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That's why I was shocked to see a blog about Big Changes for the Korner Klub. The article said the Korner Klub would be turned into a three-story complex with two restaurants on the bottom, and office units and apartments on successive floors. I was baffled by this, so I decided to call the real estate agent listed for this project. 

Korner Klub via Facebook
Korner Klub via Facebook

Amber Stacy from Berkshire Hathaway told me straight-up that nothing is happening to The Korner Klub just yet. If anything, this idea is years down the road, and there is nothing imminent. The whole idea is purely visionary as of now. 

So if you are wondering if anything is happening to the Korner Klub, don't worry! They aren't closing for new development any time soon, and they will be open, despite reports. The Korner Klub has been in Four Corners since the 1950s and is an iconic piece of the Bozeman/Belgrade area. 

I would like to thank Amber Stacy for setting the record straight and letting everyone know that our Korner Klub is here to stay. 

Even though the Korner Klub isn't changing anytime soon, we should be excited that The Korner Klub will continue its legacy with an updated look. The Korner Klub is turning Four Corners into a new epicenter for restaurants and fun with this idea. It's an exciting time out in Four Corners.

If you haven't been to The Korner Klub yet, maybe it's time to head out there, and support a great local business. 

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