Surprisingly, more Montanans haven't tried to be on this popular reality show.

One of the longest-running and more popular reality shows on TV is Survivor. The show takes a group of individuals from across America with different backgrounds and places them in a tropical location. For weeks these people have to survive with their wits and compete in challenges to save themselves from elimination. People must like Survivor because the show recently finished its 43rd season.

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I have a few friends who are dedicated fans of this show and watch it every season. One thought that ran through my head was how many contestants have been from Montana. I did some digging, and the information surprised me.

Survivor: Palau Finale/Reunion Show
Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Even though there have been 43 seasons of Survivor and over 644 people have competed, only two of those competitors were from Montana.

The first contestant from Montana was Amanda Kimmel. She was featured on the 15th season of Survivor. Amanda performed well on Survivor and finished 3rd that season.

The other Montana contestant on Survivor was Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff. Wendy was a contestant on Season 21,  Survivor: Nicaragua. Wendy's tenure on that season was short-lived, as she was the first one voted off on the first episode.

I'm surprised more Montanans haven't tried to compete on Survivor. It seems like a dream vacation for most of us during the winter. You go to a tropical location, compete in games, and live on your wits.

Learn how you can be cast on Survivor here.

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