We talk a lot about winter driving in Montana, but I'd argue that springtime can be the most sketchy with the most dramatic road conditions. Two things instantly come to mind: more wildlife and potholes.

Driving in Montana is more challenging than ever before. There are more cars on the roads, more truckers on the roads, more debris on the roads, and more obstacles like potholes and bumps due to more traffic and weather. Our highways are under constant assault from Mother Nature, and the equipment used to battle HER.

As we often do, we asked Montana residents to give us their best five words of advice - this time about springtime driving in Montana. Tidy words of wisdom to share with timid drivers and those not familiar with our ever-changing road conditions.

  • "Don't tailgate. So very dangerous."
  • "Keep your wiper fluid full."
  • "Cars don't win against moose."
  • "Can't see? Slow down, fool."
  • "Get the Pass Warrior app."
  • "Spring snow is heavy snow."
  • "Having good tires ALWAYS MATTERS."
  • "Semi trucks don't stop quickly."
  • "If you're scared, don't go."
  • "Assume truckers can't see you."
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  • "Watch out for animals, anytime."
  • "Snowplow spray can shatter windshields."
  • "Slow down in pouring rain."
  • "Roads get slick real quick!"
  • "Check your lights and blinkers."
  • "Put the damn phone down."
  • "Keep a phone charger handy."
  • "Emergency kits for all seasons."
  • "Blown tires are loud and scary."

The change of ANY season should be a time for all of us to do a once-over on our vehicles. Do the basics - change the wipers, get an oil change, check the tire pressure, and do a quick check on all of your lights. (I've seen brand new cars with bulbs out, and the vehicle did NOT give a prompt to the driver.)

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