The Amazon Prime show Goliath is about to get a new villain and he just happens to be from Montana.

Goliath is entering its fourth and final season and is based around the character of Billy Mcbride played by Academy Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton.  McBride is a brilliant but extremely flawed lawyer that lives in an extended stay motel by the Santa Monica Pier.

Once considered one of the best legal minds in the country, bad decisions and a drinking problem have certainly had their effect.  However, McBride teams up with a street smart DUI lawyer named Patty Solis-Papagian and all kinds of trouble ensues with both lawyers work for the "little guy" taking on "big, evil corporations".

Season 4 is set to debut on Amazon on September 24th.  Montana's own J.K Simmons stars as a major force in the pharmaceutical industry. The plot? Billy McBride decides to take on the pharmaceutical industry.

Simmons of course is known for several different roles.  Not only is he the "Farmer's Insurance" guy, but he is also an Academy Award-winning actor for his role in Whiplash. Not to mention several other roles in television, film, and an extensive career in voice-over work.

Simmons is a 1978 University of Montana graduate having moved to Missoula after his father accepted the position of Director of the School of Music at the University of Montana when Simmons was 18.

The good news is if you haven't watched Seasons 1 through 3 of Goliath, it is available on Amazon Prime, so you still have time before the debut of Season 4 on September, 24th.

Happy Bingeing!

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