Make sure you reserve your spots this summer soon because you might be dealing with a lot of visitors at some popular Montana spots.

KBZK is reporting that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials are expecting record breaking numbers in 2021 at all of their state parks. If you don't remember in 2020, Montana State Parks recorded a number of over 3.4 million visitors, which was a 29% increase from the year before.

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The thing is Montana has a huge number of state parks to choose from. There are big state parks with bike trails, places where you can go dig for dinosaur fossils, chill at a lake or even go into caves. Montana has so many historical and fantastic state parks that many folks will be taking advantage of in 2021.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks just want to remind people to keep their campsites clean and just enjoy yourselves but be aware of wildlife that might be nearby. Keep your food in a secure location.

Montana state parks are some of the most underrated places in Montana. There are state parks right next to the Gallatin Valley that are absolutely breathtaking such as the Lewis and Clark Caverns, then there are spots up by Flathead Lake where you can camp and then go swimming in one of the best lakes in the Northwest.

So make sure you get your plans together and maybe map out a few state parks to hit up this summer and make your camping reservations soon because they will probably fill up quickly.

Maybe start off with one of the best state parks in the nation, it's definitely worth it.

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